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Heid’s fu’ o’ Mince!

If you know what I mean…?

I know that the large majority of people who read this are not from “here-aboots” but I’m sure you understand me enough to know what I mean.  Those who know me well, also know that I over-think EVERYTHING!! What ingredients to put in the soup, what cleaning products to use for the bathroom walls, and where my life is heading… They all get the equal amount of thought. And angst if I’m honest with myself…

Don't give up hope

Sometimes all you can do is not think

So my aim is to now rid myself of a lot of the “mince” that’s floating about in my head. Stop over-thinking things, stop trying to guess what the consequences of my actions (or non-actions) will be. And just take what comes…

But this is NOT going to be easy! As someone who spends a huge amount of her spare time writing down my thoughts, hopes and dreams – mingled in with my heartbreaks and nightmares – this is going to be even harder than stopping smoking (which was a doddle compared to stopping thinking…!)

No Smoking Sign

But I’m ready to give it a go…

But first a glass of wine to accompany my pile of ironing. Red or white? Mmmm Carmenere, Merlot or Rioja?


TTB xx


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